Spetses is a historic island in the Argosaronic Gulf, full of pine trees, with a population of about 3.500 people mainly occupied in tourism, constructions and fishing. Surrounded by the small picturesque islands of Spetsopoula, Mikro Bourboulo and Agios Giannis, Spetses is one of the most popular all-year-long destinations of both Greek and foreign tourists.

Every year on the first Sunday after the 8th September, when Panagia Armata is commemorated, the naval battle of Armata is reenacted at the central port, with a model of the Turkish flagship being set on fire and fireworks being thrown. The battle’s anniversary is celebrated with cultural and recreational events lasting a week. There is also the “Anargyreia” festival, taking place every August at the Anargyreios School, with theatrical plays, speeches, exhibitions and other events.